Cloud Resolving Storm Simulator (CReSS)

  • Overview
  • Cloud Resolving Storm Simulator (CReSS) is developed to simulate cloud-scale to mesoscale phenomena in the atmosphere since 1998. A parallel computing technique adopted in CReSS enables to perform large-scale computation effectively. Therefore a simulation can be performed in very high resolution. CReSS is a three-dimensional regional model formulated on the basis of non-hydrostatic and compressible equations on a terrain-following coordinate. Physical processes of cloud microphysics including cold rain, turbulence, and surface are incorporated. Experiments reproducing real atmosphere can be executed on domains nested on coarse model results. In addition, idealized experiments can be also performed using sounding profiles.
    Contact person: Kazuhisa Tsuboki

     Satellite Data Simulator Unit (SDSU)

  • Overview
  • Satellite Data Simulator Unit (SDSU) is developed to simulate microwave brightness temperature, radar reflectivity, and visible/infrared radiance as measured by meteorological satellite sensors. SDSU can serve as a tool to support the retrieval algorithm development as well as to diagnose cloud-resolving models (CRMs). Comparisons of the SDSU simulations applied to CRMs with corresponding satellite observations of the real atmosphere are expected to support validations and improvements of the performance of CRMs. Further information and download are available in the following web site.
    Contact person: Hirohiko Masunaga
    E-mail :